Anna Migas

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The Secret Web Performance Metric No One Is Talking About

Web performance and its impact on the user experience has been a huge topic over past few years. After working for over a year on a project directed towards emerging markets (namely Nigeria and Kenya), I came to realise that the popular web performance metrics are all centred around a specific type of person: someone who is used to the fast and reliable connection. In my talk I want to share my experience on how to look at the overall web performance with the new metric in mind - user’s patience.
During my talk, I want to give an insight on my work with the app that is dedicated towards the users who are working with it in not-so-ideal conditions with an unreliable connection and how to guide them through this experience. I want to chat about the cases when web performance metrics as we know it will not be applicable and what can we do to ensure the user will be able to successfully navigate the app using the well designed information and some performance tricks. I will also share details about the background of users in Africa and how their perception might differ from the users we typically develop for—since these are the fastest growing markets, maybe soon this knowledge come useful to you too
Anna works as a Lead UI Developer at Field Intelligence helping to bring healthcare the fastest emerging markets in the world. In her spare time she is practicing Pilates, playing Hearthstone and traveling.