Eleanor Rumsey

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How to Fail Successfully

Software engineering interns are overwhelmed with information about how Software engineering interns are overwhelmed with information about how to be the perfect intern; how to have the most eye-catching resume, what buzzwords to use in your LinkedIn profile, how many hours to practice LeetCode problems every day, etc. The non-technical obstacles that many people face in the process of applying, interviewing, and working as an intern in a tech company are often overlooked. Some of these obstacles that new interns face include feeling like you know nothing, being cautious to ask questions and appear stupid, and feeling terrified to be discovered as a failure. On top of this, interns who are minorities in the field (including by gender, race, or age) face even more of these anxieties. I want to also address colleagues and managers of interns and offer some ideas of how to offer the best support and remember how it feels to be a new intern. These aren’t topics that are commonly talked about or even acknowledged in software engineering and I believe it’s beneficial to people in all roles to start this discussion.
I’m Ellie! I’m a full stack software engineer at Fellow.app, and a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa. I love learning new things, and I’m especially passionate about encouraging women and other minorities in the tech industry.