Jong Chan Choi

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Connecting WebViews and Native Properly - Webview Request Protocol

Many places that develop mobile apps for iOS and Android use a web view with a native wrapper.However, the webview <-> native communication method provided for each platform is different and has inconvenient limitations. One example is that the data type that can be exchanged is actually limited to a string.Introducing Webview Request Protocol (WRP), which solves this problem. WRP is an abstraction layer that enables webview <-> native communication using Protobuf service schema.In this presentation, we will look at the problems that can arise with webview <-> native communication and explain how WRP solves them.
Jong Chan Choi works as a DX (Developer Experience) Engineer at Riiid. Prior to that, he worked as a front-end engineer at Synapsoft, Spoqa, Devsisters, etc. He is interested in programming languages and computer graphics.